IV3PRK Pierluigi "Luis" Mansutti -> HC1PF

  160 meters Band: DXing on the Edge


 Welcome to My Website                                                       Last update: March 2, 2015

In January 2014, after 47 years of DX activity as IV3PRK, I closed the station and moved to Ecuador where I got the callsign HC1PF.  I carried down all the equipment and so, in the new house, the shack is the same as it was in Italy. Of course I couldn't bring with me also the big tower but I will try my best on 160 meters from this new location (see this page).

In the last 25 years I had been active only on 160 meters, keeping daily records and graphs of the band DX conditions and the related (or not related) solar and geomagnetic data. The daily DX conditions section was regularly updated with the current month graph and the correspondent past periods. All the geographical graphs show, on a regular basis, how the band conditions changed through the solar cycles.

All this activity ended with the year 2013, but I keep all the material still available on this website. (including the Pacific DXpeditions page). Hopefully I will start again with new graphs from this quite different location.

I managed to install an efficient TX antenna (see here) and on February 2nd I went back on the air for my new Topband activity as HC1PF.

Already worked a lot of DX stations, and I know that I am heard better than I can hear, so sorry I can't pull out of the noise all those calling me!

I will do all what I can to improve my receiving antennas and already tried and tested flag and pennants, an horizontal loop and two BOG's ...: no way, the best one in this environment is still the rotatable Flag !

Now I am plagued also by bad BCI : there are nearby AM BC stations on 1.510, 1.570, 1.590 KHz .....

IV3PRK reached 160m. DXCC # 306  - here how the numbers grew through the solar cycles....now HC1PF  must start all over again for a new challenge at 70 years, ..... an impossible task !