IV3PRK Pierluigi "Luis" Mansutti -> HC1PF

  160 meters Band: DXing on the Edge


 Welcome to My Website                                                       Last update: September 30, 2015

Finally, after five months, band conditions improved again with good openings to Europe, see these graphs HC1 prop to EU and Daily 160m. prop . Waiting for Japan as well - and further decrease of QRN - I will be QRV as HC1PF some more weeks.

In January 2014, after 47 years of DX activity as IV3PRK, I closed the station and moved to Ecuador where I am active again on 160 meters as HC1PF from this new location(see this page).

In the last 25 years I had been keeping daily records and graphs of the band DX conditions and the related (or not related) solar and geomagnetic data. The daily DX conditions section was regularly updated with the current month graph and the correspondent past periods. All the geographical graphs show, on a regular basis, how the band conditions changed through the solar cycles.  All this activity ended with the year 2013, but I keep all the material still available on this website. (including the Pacific DXpeditions page).

Now I just began to put my first graphs showing the peaking times of propagation conditions from Ecuador to NA, Europe and Japan here on the left column....it will take a long time to build historic statistic ones !

My TX antenna (see here) is very efficient and I know that I am heard better than I can hear, so sorry if I could not pull out of the noise all those have been calling me. I tried every kind of receiving antenna, and each experience has been fully described, see here on the left column. Most of them have been a waste of time in this very difficult environment: electric fence, power lines, equatorial noise and nearby AM BC stations.

Finally I found my solution outside, when I moved the BOG's one wavelenght far from the wall . Thanks to my friends KD9SV and K1FZ I developed this kind of antenna and successfully installed two short Reversible BOGs which cover four directions. Contrary to the common believe, a BOG is not like a Beverage, but a sharp tuned antenna as demonstrated in this BOG Modeling page.

IV3PRK reached 160m. DXCC # 306  - here how the numbers grew through the solar cycles....then HC1PF  was intended to start all over again for a new life and challenge at 70 years, ..... an impossible task.

It was a great experience, but given up for some living problems, already sold the house and will be BACK HOME in a couple of months to resume IV3PRK where left. Now, in August 2015, also the Cotopaxi volcan (5,897m. high) after 138 years came back to activity, so it's time to hurry home...............