IV3PRK Pierluigi "Luis" Mansutti (ex HC1PF)

  160 meters Band: DXing on the Edge


Photo Album

1968: first station with Tx Geloso and National HRO 

1974: my son Stefano – 2nd operator

1975: my XYL Luisa – antenna helper

1976: Stefano and Lara on phased verticals 

1978: me, 30 years younger and 50 pounds lighter

1979: first CQWW contest with Renzo I3MAU

1981: the dream Drake TR7/L7 line 

1989: CQWW contest from Pantelleria is.

2008: my grandson Alex – new 2nd op.

            2011: Montichiari with Topband friends…. and giving a propagation lecture at Contest University with K1ZM             2013: visiting II9P

2014: dismantling antennas and moving to Ecuador            2014: our new house in Ecuador                  2015: the shack is ready and got the license as HC1PF 

2015: installing antennas in Ecuador                        2015: house, garden and..antennas                                       2015: getting help to raise the vertical

…but antennas are needed also outside of my lot                2015: helper Luisa 40 years later with local friends              2015: Volcan Cotopaxi. 5897m.high,woke up after 138 years!