IV3PRK Pierluigi "Luis" Mansutti (ex HC1PF)

  160 meters Band: DXing on the Edge


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Propagation study has been always my main interest and since 1993 I have been keeping regular records, on several Excel spreadsheets, of 160 m. DX conditions. I’m trying to get a correlation with solar and geomagnetic activity, but there is still a mystery to be shrouded on 160 m. propagation!

Unfortunately my regular records have been suspended from January 2014 to December 2016 due to my move to Ecuador, but now I just updated most of the graphs with the current solar cycle behaviour.

Some years ago I hold a series of lectures on propagation for the local ARI Section.

They are all downloadable in the original Italian language, in PDF format. 

I translated in English the section n.4, related to 160 meters, in the following files:

1.      160 m. propagation with IV3PRK graphs   - 43 pages  (2.2 MB)

2.      Difficult 160 m. path analysis ( to ZL and KH6)- 27 pages ( 839 KB)

3.      Further possible 160 m. path analysis to KH6 - 38 pages ( 1.3 MB)          

çç  up to date graphs  ç 


The above PDF file n. 1 has been updated on May 2006; the propagation comments are still valid, but you can find many more graphs with the last update by clicking on the DX target areas on the left column of this page.

Here is an updated March 2011 “160m. Propagation” presentation by K9LA/IV3PRK hold at the Contest University Italy in Montichiari (translated back in English in a simple PDF file).

For all the graphs I take into consideration not only the DX stations worked, but also those only heard, their distance and the strength of the signals. No precise measurements, just my personal rating under the same working conditions and twenty years Topband experience.

See comments and all graph explanations on this page: DAILY DX conditions.