IV3PRK Pierluigi "Luis" Mansutti (ex HC1PF)

  160 meters Band: DXing on the Edge


I am not an award chaser, but the real difficult ones.  After completing the 160 m. WAS in 1997, it took many more years to get the basic 500 Counties confirmed, and now I am very proud of the above USA-CA “All 160 meters” award.

Ted, K1BV, wrote me : “I have been custodian of USACA since 1997.  I remember one award
endorsed for 160 meters. It was from a USA station.”
 So this should be the first achievement from outside U.S.A.

There are 3.077 U.S.Counties, most of them in southern and  mid-western states, but very few with big stations workable in Europe on Topband.

The following graphs are derived from the official station log and show how the total of my 12,735 U.S QSOson 160 meters, on April the 1st 2013, are distributed through the 50 U.S States (left scale).

On the right scale, and better indicated with labels for each State, is the number of the Counties, for a total of 731 confirmed.