IV3PRK Pierluigi "Luis" Mansutti (ex HC1PF)

  160 meters Band: DXing on the Edge


DU – Philippines






DU7CC op. Tom, Mar. 1995                                              4F2KWT op. Gil, Feb. 2001






DU9/N0NM op. Jon, since 2003                                      DU1/JJ5GMJ Hiro, very active in 2011






DU1IST, op Jin JF1IST always big sigs from Manila

JD1 – Ogasawara  






8N1OGA, JA DXpedition Jan. 2003                 JD1BLY op. Makoto, Feb. 2008 






JD1BMH by Harry JG7PSJ, Dec. 2008

KH0 – Mariana is.






KH2K/AH0 by Kazu JA1RJU, Jan. 2002

KH2 – Guam






KH2/K4SXT Gus, Nov. 1998                                            KH2L Ed, Jan. 2010






KH2/N2NL Dave, big sigs & big ears since 2010


T8 – Palau






T88II by KJ9I, NF9V and NZ9Z – Dec. 1998                  T88ZM by Bob 5B4AGN, Feb. 2011

V6 – Micronesia







V63UA by UA3AB, RA3AUU and RZ3AA – Nov. 2006

4W6 – Timor Leste






4W6A Dxpedition by 9M6DXX, 9M6XRO and VK Group – Sept. 2011

9M2 - West Malaysia






9M2AX Ross, a diehard Topbander worked since 1988 every year and each month of the year.






9M2/JE1SCJ from Penang is. in Nov. 2012

9M6, 9M8 – East Malaysia






9M6NA, op. Saty JE1JKL, Mar. 2004                              9M6/N2BB Bob, Nov. 2008






9M6XRO John, Feb. 2009                                                 9M6YBG Go, Feb. 2011






9M8FC op. J.Chang, Jan. 1995

9V1 – Singapore






9V1ZE Gus, Nov. 1993                                                       9V1PC Peter, Jan. 2001






9V1GO Bob, Nov. 2004

P29 – Papua New Guinea






P29VXX by DL3DXX and German Team, Feb.1997        P29NI by Derek G3KHZ and US Group, Oct. 2008

V8 – Brunei






V84SMD, big DXpedition, Nov. 2012

YB – Indonesia






YB6AVE, Joerg DL8WPX,  Nov. 1992, one of the DL3DXX Team -YB1AQS, Joerg new QTH in Jan. 1998






YC0LOW op. Jo, May 1997                                              YE0X in the CQ160 contest of Jan. 2005






YB5/9V1GO, Bob on Jan. 1st 2005