IV3PRK Pierluigi "Luis" Mansutti (ex HC1PF)

  160 meters Band: DXing on the Edge


6Y – Jamaica






N6TV and W4SO/6Y5 in 1997 SSB                  6Y2A in CQWW CW 1998






6Y3R in CQWW CW 2006                                6Y5/WE9V in March 2009






6Y9V, again by Chad WE9V in March 2010   6Y1V David, Nov. 2009

8P – Barbados






8P9DX by Glenn ,VA3DX, many QSOs since 1993      8P9HT and also 8P9Z by John, K4BAI






8P9JT in Sept.2000 by PA3EWP and Dutch Group      8P5A by W2SC in CQWW CW 2005






8P9JG by Tom W2SC in CQWW Nov. 2009

C6 – Bahamas






C6AGN by Bill, KM1E, almost every year QRV            C6AIE by John, WZ8D, in 1998






C6ALK by Brian, K7RE, in Feb. 2004                              C6ANM, Tom in 2009 and 2010






G6AGU by George, AA7JV, and Tomi, HA7RY in 2008-2011 testing antennas for big Pacific DXpeditions

CO – Cuba






CO7RG Bob in March 1986, SSB                                     CO7ZZ Raul on CW in Feb. 2001






T46RRC and T48RRC a Russian DXpedition, Feb.2013

FG – Guadeloupe







FG5BG George worked in 1993                                         FG5FR Frantz  in Jan. 2000






Another one by Mike, K9NW, Oct.2005

FJ – St. Barthelemy






TO5FJ, op. Paul F6EXV, a new DXCC country worked in Jan. 2008

FM – Martinique






FM5WD first FM worked in 1986 on SSB      FM5BH Laurent, a 160m beacon from the Caribbean










FM5CD Michel, one of the most famous DXpeditions operator

FS – Saint Martin






FS/WX9E and FS/N0BSH wkd in Jan/Feb. 1996   FS/DL7DF, another DXpedition by Sigi in Feb. 2006

HH – Haiti






HH7PV Pat, active only in SSB, wkd in 1987    HH4/K4QD from a Christian Mission in Apr. 2009

HI – Dominican Republic






HI8A op. by Aki JA5DQH in Mar. 1992                  Pete NO2R wkd from HI3 in Oct.1995    






Another one by Sigi DL7DF in Mar. 2001                      Harry RA3AUU wkd from HI3 in Mar. 2003  






KI7VR/HI9 Bruce wkd in Jan. 2004

J3 – Grenada






J38FR in Oct. 1996 by Sigi DL7DF Group                       J39A in CQWW CW 1996






J3/K4LTA Bill in Feb. 1998                               J38PA by the Low Land DX Team, Aug. 2001






J3/DL5AXX  in Nov. 2007                                 J3/DL7CM in Nov. 2008






J38XX by DL5AXX, Feb. 2010

J6 – St. Lucia






J68AK in Nov. 1996                                           J6DX in CQWW CW contest 1998






J6/G3PJT Bob, March 2010

J7 – Dominica






J77J in CQWW CW 1994 by KQ1F                 J79AA by John K4BAI in Nov. 1994






J75A by N6ZS in Feb. 1995                               J75A by the Low Land DX Team, Oct. 2002






J79IX by W4IX and J79RV by KK9K, Feb. 2006  J79WR by John G3LZQ in March 2009

J8 – St. Vincent






J8/DF2SS Fred on Jan. 1st, 1998                        J8PA by the Low Land DX Team, Aug. 2001