IV3PRK Pierluigi "Luis" Mansutti (ex HC1PF)

  160 meters Band: DXing on the Edge


3C – Equatorial Guinea      






3C5A by Marvin N5AW and Phil N6ZZ, Nov. 1996

3C0 – Annobon is.               






3C0E, another DXpedition to Annobon is. by Elmo EA5BYP and EA5KM, with FB sigs on 160 m.

9J2 – Zambia






9J2GA George, June 1994

9Q – Democratic Republic of Congo






9Q5BQ By Pierre HB9AMO,  July 2001                       9Q1EK by Georges VE2EK, Mar. 2007






9Q1TB Phil, June 2007                                     9Q50ON by PA3EWP and Belgium Group, Dec. 2010

9U – Burundi






9U5CW by Alfredo EA1FH, June 1996                        9U5D by Gus SM5DIC, Oct. 1999






9U4U by Rockall DX Group, Feb. 2013

9X – Rwanda






9X/SM5DIC Gus, Dec. 1994                                           9X5EE, Jan. 1995






9X4WW by Mark ON4WW,  1995-1997                     9X0R, International DXpedition Mar. 2008






9X0CW DXpedition by Rudi DK7PE, Feb. 2010

D2 – Angola






D2CW DXpedition by Rudi DK7PE, July 1992           D2EYE by Kim OZ1EYE, Jan. 1994

S9 – Sao Tome & Principe






S92SS Charles, Oct. 1994                                                S9SS Charles, Dec. 2002






S9A and S9BB by OH2BH & OH2PM, Nov.2004     S9DX, a German DXpedition, Febr. 2011

TJ – Cameroon






TJ1GB by Bob Ferrero W6RJ, Feb. 1998                     TJ3FR by Sigi DL7DF Group, Oct. 2004

TL – Central African Republic






TL5A By Alex PA3DZN, June 1998                              TL8NG Gene, Jan. 1994






TL0CW another one by Rudi DK7PE, Oct.2011

TN – Congo






TN5SN by Nicolas F8FQX, Nov. 2008                          TN2T DXpedition, Feb. 2012






TN2MS, another one in Oct. 2013

TR – Gabon






TR8XX Jean-Claude, Aug. 1992

TT – Chad






TT8AMO by Pierre HB9AMO, Apr. 2005

ZD7 – St. Helena is.






ZD7K a Chiltern DX Club DXpedition, Apr.2001       ZD7F by Franz DL9GFB, Oct. 2004






ZD7XF by Nigel G3TXF, March 2012

ZD8 – Ascension is.






ZD8M Mike, Nov. 1993                                   ZD8Z by Jim Neiger N6TJ, Jan. 1994






ZD8O by Marko N5ZO, Oct. 2011