IV3PRK Pierluigi "Luis" Mansutti (ex HC1PF)

  160 meters Band: DXing on the Edge


KH6, KH7 – Hawaii






KH6CC the Great Jack (SK), Jan. 1994                            KH6AT Bryce, Mar.1997






K9FD/KH6 Merv, Oct. 2008                              KH7C, Merv’s new call, wkd at my SS Nov.2009






NH7O Al, March 2013

3D2 – Fiji is.









3D2KJ, beatiful dedicated 160m. DXpedition by Jacek SP5DRH …see an analysis on this page

3D2/C – Conway Reef











FK – New Caledonia






FK8CP Rémi, Mar.2010, the most difficult DX in my life….it took 17 years to get this QSL!

FO/A – Austral is.






TX5SPA by SP3DOI and Polish Group, Oct. 2009

VK9N – Norfolk is.






VK9NS Jim Smith (SK), Jan. 1995                     VK9DNX by DL3DXX and Bavarian C.C., Feb. 2007

VP6 – Pitcairn is.






VP6BR by Jukka OH2BR in Apr. 2000, worked both CW and SSB

VP6D – Ducie is.






VP6DX, the biggest DXpedition with the best lowband operators of the World (incl. DL3DXX), Feb. 2008

YJ – Vanuatu







YJ0CCC by Tomas VK2CCC/LY1DF, Nov. 2009, a low power DXpedition !

ZL – New Zealand






ZL1HY op. Dave (SK) 1st ZL wkd Dec. 1988                  ZL1MH Mike, Mar. 2004






ZL2JR Jim, many QSOs from Feb.1993 to Apr.99          ZL2REX op. Rex, Apr. 1999






ZL2ZLW special station op. ZL2REX, Apr.99              ZL6A commemorative station op. ZL2REX, Apr.99






ZL2BSJ Wilbert, Apr.2006, Feb.2007                              ZL2IFB Gary, Apr. 2008






ZL3IX Greg, many QSOs since Feb. 2004                      ZL3NW Rod, Feb. 2009






ZL4WA Jack, many QSOs from Feb. 1995 to Apr.99 also SSB  ZL1BYZ John, very active since 2012

ZL7 – Chatham is.







ZL7DK, Mar. 1998, another great operation by DL3DXX,YB1AQS and German Team

ZL8 – Kermadec is.







ZL8X, Dec. 2010, the last big DXpedition by DL3DXX and the Bavarian Contest Club…see an analysis on this page