IV3PRK Pierluigi "Luis" Mansutti (ex HC1PF)

  160 meters Band: DXing on the Edge


FO – Clipperton is.






FO0AAA, International Team including K4UEE, N7CQQ, N0TT, ON4WW, VE5RA…., Mar.2000

HK0 – San Andres is.






HK0HEU, op. Nel in Jan. 1986 on SSB         George, AA7JV, from Serrana Bank in Nov. 2008






HK0GU by Gerd DL7VOG, Nov. 2010

HP – Panama






First station worked HP3FL, Frank, in 1986 SSB        HO1A, op. Wil DJ7AA in Sept. 2000






HP1XVH, op. Guenter in Oct. 2002                               HP2CWB, Jose – Jan. 2003






Another contest op. by Wil, DJ7AA                               HP3XUG, Louis, very active since 2006






HP1WW in 2007, one of the callsigns hold by Olli, OH0XX

HR – Honduras






HR6A, first worked in 1987, SSB                   A DXpedition by Sigi, DL7DF in 1997






Another one by OH3JF and OH3JR in 2006                               An operation by Gerard, F2JD, in 2012

TG – Guatemala






Franco TG9NX wkd in 1988 and still very active       OH3JF from TG7 in Feb. 2004

TI – Costa Rica






Carl TI2KD, first station wkd in Dec. 1986 – SSB      Carlos TI2CF in 1993, than many QSO’s as TI4CF






Bruce KI7VR from TI5 in Jan. 2003

TI9 – Cocos is.






One of the several DXpeditions to Cocos is. By Carlos, TI2CF – March 1994

V3 – Belize






V31CV, first station wkd in 1987 – SSB

V31YN, op. Gerd DJ4KW, wkd almost every year since 2001







V31BH by Martti OH2BH on the 60th birthday anniversary   V31PP by Pertti OH2BM – Feb. 2006

YN – Nicaragua






H7DX by Dietmar, DL3DXX, and DL friends, 2002                 YN2CC by Mike, AJ9C, Nov. 2011






A DXpedition by Mike, K9NW, Nov.2007

YS – El Salvador






YS1RRD Ray, Jan. 1994 on SSB                                   HU2DX in February 2012