IV3PRK Pierluigi "Luis" Mansutti (ex HC1PF)

  160 meters Band: DXing on the Edge


KG4 - Guantanamo Bay






KG4TJ by Jon, W3TJ, in Dec. 1995                 KG4SH in Jan. 1996

KP1 – Navassa is.






Navassa DXpedition N2EDF/NP1 worked on SSB in February 1988

KP2 – U.S.Virgin Islands






KP2A, a big Multi Multi in the WWDX SSB 1988       Darrell N6DX, one of the KP2A operators






WP2Z in the CQ160 SSB contest 1997            WP2/WB9Z Jerry in the Stew Perry 1997






KP2/W0BV Bob wkd in Feb. 1998                   N0FW/KP2 Pete in the Stew Perry 2006






KP2/K3CT John, Feb. 2009                               NP2KW a remote operated station                 






KV4FZ Herb, one of the most famous Topbanders

KP4 – Puerto Rico






Pedro NP4A, since 1987 the biggest sigs from Caribbean          KP3W Jose worked in 1996






KP4/K4WA Steve in Jan. 1997                                        NP3G Terry in March 1998





KP4SN Pipo wkd in Dec. 1997

KP5 – Desecheo is.






K5D the biggest DXpedition of the year for a new one

PJ7, PJ8 – St Maarten, Saba, St Eustatius           *** DELETED ***






PJ8DX by N4XO in Oct. 1996                           PJ7/DL7DF by Sigi’s Group in March 2006

PJ5, PJ6 – Saba, St Eustatius






PJ6A, a “new one” big DXpedition, Oct. 2010






PJ5/SP6EQZ from St.Eustatius, Nov. 2010

PJ7 – Sint Maarten






PJ7E, another “new one” big DXpedition, Oct. 2010   PJ7PT Polish DXpedition in March 2012

V2 – Antigua & Barbuda






V26B by Frankford Radio Club in Oct. 1994      V26A by Dale, N3BNA, in Oct. 1995






V2/GM0GAV Gavin in March 1997                    V26E by Frankford Radio Club in 1999






V26WP by the Low Land DX Team in Aug.2000            V25WY by Bob W4OWY, March 2006






V26AO by Vlad RV1CC, March 2010                              V26K by Bud AA3B, LP in CQWW 2011

V4 – St Kitts & Nevis is.

  V47KP Alex  regularly QRV since 1992                         V47NT by Andy N2NT, Nov. 2008

VP2E – Anguilla






VP2ET by Jim K5RX, March 1987                    VP2EV by Dennis K7BV, Feb. 1997






VP2EXM by DL3XM and DL Group, Aug. 1997           VP2EZ by Bill W5SJ, January 1998

VP2M – Montserrat






VP2MEM by Bob W4MYA and Team, March 1995    VP2MPA by the Low Land DX Team, Oct. 2002






VP2MDY op. Art in March 2005                                      VP2MSW by Bjorn SM0MDG, Jan. 2013

VP2V – British Virgin Islands






VP2VA Arthur wkd in 1987 SSB                          VP2VI was Bob W0DX, wkd in 1994






VP2V/DL7DF, by Sigi and German Group, Mar. 2005  VP2V/DL7VOG Gerd, Nov. 2009

VP5 – Turks & Caicos is.






VP5/WT8N, Dan wkd Nov. 1994                                     VP5VW in the CQWW CW contest 1994






VP5/PA3ERC and PA3EWP, PA3FQA – Sep.1995         VP5/W9VNE Jim in Nov. 1995






VP5/N0AT Ron in Oct. 1999                                             VP5/AG9A and K9DX in Feb. 2004

YV0 – Aves is.






4M0ARV the big DXpedition by A.R. de Venezuela in March 1987

ZF – Cayman is.






ZF1A in the CQWW CW contest 1994                          ZF2LA, again Carl K9LA in Nov. 1998