IV3PRK Pierluigi "Luis" Mansutti (ex HC1PF)

  160 meters Band: DXing on the Edge


3X – Guinea






3XY7C, a new one by Sigi DL7DF Group, Nov.2002    3X5A by VooDoo Contest Group in CQWW CW 2007

5N – Nigeria






5N8BAV Bruno, in Jan. 1986                                            5N0MVE, Nov. 1993









5N0ZKD, op. David OK1RK, Dec. 1998  5N0OCH by Bodo DL3OCH, Oct.2009 (Voice of Nigeria)

5T – Mauritania






5T5JC Eric, Oct. 1994                                         5T5DC by DK8YY, DL2JRM and German Team, Mar.2008







5T0SP, a Polish DXpedition, Nov. 2012

5U – Niger






5U7M by Yoshi JH4NMT,  1992-1993             5U7M by JK3GAD & JH4NMT in contest 1992






5U7WP by Fred G4BWP, Nov. 2004               5U5Z in CQWW CW 2004 by VooDoo Contest Group

5V – Togo






5V7ML by Lars DL7ALM, Jun. 1996


                                                                              5V7HR by Roy DL7UBA, Jun. 1996






5V7MF by Mike KC7V, Nov. 1996         5V7A by VooDoo Contest Group in CQWW CW 1996

6W – Senegal






6W6JX in CQWW SSB 1989 from IH9/IV3PRK            6W/DK8YY Rich, July 2000






6W/ON5TN Karel, Nov. 2003                           6W1RW by Jacques F6BEE, Oct. 2004








6W1SE  Peter, Feb. 2008                    DL4JS/6W with DK8YY & German Group, Oct. 2008






6W/HA0NAR  op. Laci, Feb. 2010                   6V7D by RZ0SR and UA0 Group, March 2011

9G – Ghana






9G5TL  in the CQWW SSB contest 1994 by Central Arizona DX Association






9G5AA in CQWW CW 1994 by VooDoo Contest Group           9G5SX Roger G3SXW, Nov. 1994

9L – Sierra Leone






DJ6QT/9L Walter, Apr. 1987                                            9L1US by Dave K8MN, Jan. 1991






9L0W by DK2Wv and DJ4LK, Nov. 2008

C5 – Gambia









C56DX by G0MRF & British Group, Oct.1994               C56CW by Sigi DL7DF Group, Mar.1996      






C56/DK3FW Dieter, Mar. 1997                                        C56/JA1OEM Mako, Dec. 1997






C56A in CQWW SSB 1998 by Bavarian Contest Club                C56/DL2OE Mike, Feb. 2001






C56JHF by Henryk SM0JHF, Nov. 2003                         C52C by OM0C Contest Crew, Oct. 2007






C50C by OM Contest Group again  Oct. 2011

D4 – Cape Verde is.






D44BC Julio, Mar. 1988                                                     D4C the International Contest Team              

EL – Liberia






EL2WW another new one by Mark ON4WW, Mar.1999            EL2DX Jim, 2008-2009






EL2A by G3SXW and Co. in CQWW contest 2012

J5 – Guinea–Bissau






J52US by Dave K8MN, Feb.1988                     J5C by F2VX, N6OX and international team, Jan. 2008

TU – Ivory Coast






TU/G4FAM Cris, Feb. 1996                              TU2T by I2YSB Italian Group, Nov. 2011

TY – Benin






TY5MF by Mike KC7V, Nov.1995                   TY5A by VooDoo Contest Group in CQWW CW 1995






TY8A by Sigi DL7DF Group, Nov. 1998

TZ – Mali






TZ6VV Larry, Dec. 1992                                    TZ6MF by Mike KC7V, Nov. 2005






TZ6RF by Rob GM3YTS, Nov. 2006               TZ5A by VooDoo Contest Group in CQWW CW 2006

XT – Burkina Faso






XT2OW by Sigi DL7DF Group, Oct. 2000      XT2DX by VooDoo Contest Group in CQWW CW 2001






XT2C by N6OX, F2VX & international team, Jan. 2007

Note: The VooDoo Contest Group

This group name appears only in the year 2004, but the operators have been always the same since 1994 and they are Roger G3SXW, Fred G4BWP, Rob GM3YTS, Mike KC7V, Vince K5VT and Tony N7BG.